What you need to know about Smoke Alarm Installations

What you need to know about Smoke Alarm Installations

What you need to know about Smoke Alarm Installations

Reasons to Choose Professionals for the Work

One of the most important topics less talked about is smoke alarms. Having enough functional smoke alarms at your premises is essential and must be given a top priority when doing electrical installations on your premises. This is because, when you are asleep or when not at home, smoke alarms give you a chance of avoiding a potentially traumatising fire incident. In Australia, it is a legal requirement to have working alarms within your home because of their ability to detect smoke if the fire breaks at night, potentially saving a life.

Your safety is very important to us, which is why at Deadshort Electrical services, we ensure that your smoke alarms are up to date. In addition to installations, our team offers smoke alarm service in Adelaide, for we understand that regular servicing makes your smoke alarms function efficiently.Standard service and maintenance of your smoke alarms by a professional will also help you save on running costs, keep your system within its warranty conditions and minimise unexpected breakdowns. 

Why Smoke Alarms Installations are Vital

It is a legal requirement for you to install smoke alarms in your home. In the late 90s, most homes had smoke alarms connected via the 240V mains power with a mandatory battery backup which has today been upgraded to a 9V battery only today. However, it is recommended to use long-life lithium batteries. Professionals recommend that the smoke alarms be interconnected so that when one alarm activates, all the interconnected ones can sound.

You can have your smoke alarms interconnected either hard-wired or wirelessly and be powered by a long-lasting lithium battery. When it comes to quality smoke alarms installations, you can rely on the Deadshort Electrical team. Our team offers same-day service when you contact us for any electrical solutions. On the other hand, in emergency cases, the team can respond instantly and arrive at your site with a fully stocked van ready for work. We assure you peace of mind that our carefully installed fire alarms will protect your family and assets from fires. 

Where should you Install the Fire Alarms?  

Since you want everyone to hear the smoke alarm when it activates, you should ensure that the alarms are well spread within your home. If you have a single, double or triple storey building, ensure that installation is done on all floors. In addition, installation is vital for both inside and outside each bedroom, and they should be interconnected. For quality smoke alarm solutions in Adelaide that are not likely to malfunction, you should contact the team at Deadshort Electrical services. Our team understands the standards of installations to which they adhere, assuring the safety of your premises. Your smoke alarm should be installed on the ceiling at least 30cm from the wall or 30cm away from the ceiling if fitted to the wall. It is good to understand where not to install the smoke alarm since false alarm activations can be irritating and encourage you to disable them. We advise that you avoid installing alarms in or near the kitchen or the bathroom and laundry areas since smoke or steam can be set off.

The best electricians will stand by their work. They will meet and exceed your expectations and give you satisfaction. Therefore, only deal with companies who take pride in the services they deliver. To determine this quality, ask for their warranties and guarantees.

Contact the leading smoke alarm installations experts for the best fire safety solutions for your home. 

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