smoke alarm installation

Smoke Alarm Installation For Your Home Or Business

Why is it absolutely vital to have your smoke alarm installation carried out and checked by professionals? Well, under South Australian legislation, it’s a requirement for all homeowners to have either a hard-wired or battery-powered 240v smoke alarm in their home. It’s the most reliable and effective way to prepare for a fire emergency; given that you’re regularly testing your systems. Many people don’t account for this in their regular home maintenance, but data from the National Fire Protection Agency suggests that 50% of all fatal house fires occur while the residents are asleep. So, it’s important that home and business owners have a routine system in place for optimal safety. At Deadshort Electrical, we supply, install and service your alarms to safeguard your premises. The brand we recommend is Clipsal—which has a range of tried and tested products fit for smoke alarm installation for any application.

Why Is Help From An Electrician Worthwhile?

Of course, many people are capable of carrying out their own battery-powered smoke alarm installation. However, it became legislation in January 2017 that the installation of hardwired 240V smoke alarms must be carried out by a licensed electrician. We undertake the appropriate risk assessment and have the right tools and training to work around other electrical equipment. Not only do we take care of the technical work for you, but we ensure your alarm is installed in the right areas of your home for effective results. Interconnected passageways and living areas are generally the go-to, but it’s also important to consider installing them in bedrooms if doors are closed during the night. And of course, it’s compulsory to have them on all floors if you live in a multiple storey home. For reliable and professional smoke alarm installation, contact the Deadshort Electrical team today!

Smoke Alarm Installation

Our Full Scope Service List

Why should you choose Deadshort Electrical for your smoke alarm installation? Well, we’ve been serving clients within the residential and commercial sectors for over 25 years. During this time, we’ve developed long-standing relationships with local customers who appreciate our one stop shop approach to service. We’ve also built a network of varied professional trades who call on us for collaboration. Just few of the services we offer include:

  • Data & communications
  • Dwitchboard alterations & upgrades
  • House rewiring
  • Exit & emergency light testing
  • All general electrical needs like fault diagnostic, power point installation and more!

We’ve adopted the most updated execution methods and technology to get jobs completed in minimal time. While improving efficiency, this also means we work in full compliance with the regulations and ethics outlined by the peak body organisation in our field: NECA (the National Electrical & Communications Association).

Need someone to help with your smoke alarm installation or maintenance? We take all the hard work out of the process. Call Deadshort Electrical on (08) 8410 0887 or email us at to secure your booking. With a full-scope service list and team of friendly professionals, we have you covered for every electrical emergency!

smoke alarm installation