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These preventative measures might include:

  1. Routinely inspecting and cleaning your gutters and downpipes.
  2. Contemplating the installation of larger downpipes to mitigate blockages.
  3. Trimming back overhanging branches that might deposit debris onto your roof and into your gutters and downpipes.
  4. Pondering the installation of ‘gutter guards’ to prevent debris from entering.

How to clear a blocked downpipe using common household items:

  1. Identify Single Objects: Surprisingly, something as simple as a tennis ball can often be the root cause of a blockage. While inspecting, remove as much debris and gunk as possible using gloved hands, ensuring you are securely positioned on a stable ladder.
  2. Employ the Garden Hose: If there are any bulky attachments at the hose’s end, remove them to facilitate easy insertion into the top of the blocked downpipe.
  3. Utilize Percussive Action: If a forceful stream of water does not resolve the issue, try tapping the downpipe with your fist or a gentle rubber mallet. This may dislodge compacted debris.
  4. Oscillate the Hose: Another technique to aid the water stream’s effectiveness is to move the hose up and down and in and out of the downpipe.
  5. Try a Drain Rod: Although its name suggests a different purpose, a drain rod, a hand-held plumber’s auger (drain snake), or even sturdy wire can help dislodge the blockage.
  6. Attempt a Gutter Vacuum: While not typically found at home, a gutter vacuum is specifically designed with wet-dry technology to remove the toughest sludge.
  7. Consider Chemical Solutions: Caution is advised when considering the use of caustic chemicals, as they can pose immediate harm and introduce toxic substances into your drains.
  8. Remove or Replace the Downpipe: As a last resort, you can opt to remove the entire downpipe to access and manually clear the blockage. If the blockage proves too severe or the downpipe is damaged, consider replacing the entire gutter.

How to unblock your gutters and downpipes

How frequently do you find yourself gazing up at your gutters and downpipes, acknowledging their indispensable role? In all likelihood, not very often. However, it’s important to recognize that your property’s storm water management system is among the most vital systems in your home. Efficient storm water management safeguards your residence against flooding, protects your foundation from irreversible harm and subsidence, and shields your family from health issues stemming from water pooling and mismanagement. So, pause for a moment and consider whether you might be leaving room for trouble with one or more blocked downpipes.

While the most straightforward solution is to enlist the services of a skilled plumber, particularly one well-versed in drain cleaning, roof repairs, and gutter maintenance, there may be instances where you can address the issue yourself with a basic DIY approach, particularly if you are dealing with just one or two blocked downpipes. Additionally, if your downpipes are currently functioning optimally, it’s prudent to explore preventive measures to avert future complications.

What to do if you have further problems.

If you encounter ongoing difficulties in resolving a blocked downpipe, there’s no need for concern. While do-it-yourself approaches can suffice for straightforward storm water system matters, it’s crucial to recognize that experts like the Deadshort Services team possess the necessary skills, RAA approved contractor ,practical experience, and specialized equipment, including high-pressure jet rodders, CCTV drain inspection cameras, and motorized augers, to proficiently address intricate issues. Therefore, if you’re grappling with blocked downpipes, consider entrusting the task to us by reaching out today.

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