3 Signs You Need Electrical Services in Adelaide

3 Signs You Need Electrical Services in Adelaide

3 Signs You Need Electrical Services in Adelaide

When it comes to electrical problems, always call the help of an electrical services provider in Adelaide. Homeowners are always tempted to DIY their way into immediately fixing the issues. However, you may be facing risks that can be avoided if you call the professionals.

Even the South Australian government forbids its citizens from performing electrical work. Only licensed electricians are allowed to do electrical work on your premises, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner.

Remember that electrical problems are complicated. Without proper handling, a simple problem could end up being risky. In this guide, we are going to discuss the signs that you need to call an electrician.

The Lights Keep On Flickering

Before Googling “electrical service company near me”, there’s an initial check you can perform. There will be times when you only need to change or tighten that lightbulb. But if these didn’t solve the problem, then it’s time to call for help.

This can happen when, let’s say, the air conditioner and refrigerator are operating simultaneously. They are probably the cause of the malfunction. With the help of an electrician, this kind of problem can be solved in no time.

If you have a dimmer switch, then the lights from the bulbs should be uniform. On the other hand, if the lights seem to go dimmer or brighter, the problem needs to be fixed. If this is something you see for the first time, take some time to observe. Does it seem that they start to flicker at the same time at night? Then there could be a problem with your electricity.

Your Electricity Bill Keeps Increasing

It wouldn’t be surprising if your bill is high when you keep using your A/C during our country’s scorching months. You’ll notice that your January and February bills are higher than normal, and that’s okay.

However, come July and your bill is still abnormally high, there could be a problem. This is especially true if the utility company has not been raising its rates. The electrical setup might be inefficient, which causes the high bill.

Observe your home’s electric bills for the past year. In case there’s a sudden rise during a couple of months, there is likely no problem. But if you notice that your bill has been steadily rising, call an electrician.

The Outlets and Switches Feel Warm (Or Worse, Hot)

Upon feeling that your outlets and switches are unreasonably hot, you’ll need electrical contractors to repair them.

The warmth could mean that they’re overheating. Therefore, you need an electrician to solve the problem immediately. If left unfixed for a longer time, the warm spots could start a fire.

Aside from the warm electrical surfaces, also look out for any hazardous signs. A discolouration or blackening of wire ends and switch plates will require repairs. These signs are already beyond overheating. They have been sparking in your home and could potentially lead to fires.

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